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Quarantine Animations

Short videos made at home during quarantine times


Videos made entirely out of plant bits and pieces found on the sidewalk during my  walk around the block.

Gingerbread cookies!

Playing around with some old  footage


and frame interpolation to bring


to you a lil music video for a duet done by


the ever so lovely Sophia and yours truly.

A paper bag video made for a tik tok sea


shanty and its singers, just for fun :)

A video brought to you by some tea bags,


a few repurposed latte (and hot chocolate)


cups,  and a bathroom window.

Materials:  Q-tips and Christmas tree



This lil candle wick person is sculpted from tea light wax.


I’d like to think that it re-emerges every time the candle is lit


(frosty the snowman style) and therefore it’s not sad that it’s


all melted.

I’ve been seeing so many beautiful pictures of winter wonderland


snow days on my feed. It’s raining over here, and I’m a lil bit jelly, so


I made my own little tissue snow-scape ☃️

The first in a challenge to create something from


random materials found in the house. This week’s


starting material: Paper clips! 

Quarantine Zoom Conversations

Quarantine Zoom Conversations


Serenades by Sophia keeping us sane 

part 1 of 2

Have you ever wondered what a cyborg plant might look like? Yes? Me too!! So I've proposed a potential design here...

The adventures of some poster putty in sets made from objects found around the house

5.20, a discovery before noon:

I ran out of marmalade this morning.

It was a difficult morning.

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