Squirrel enthusiast,

Landowning Baron of Sealand,

Fan of oatmeal.

Lumi Barron studied at Carnegie Mellon University with a double concentration in Electronic Time Based Media, and Sculpture, Installation and Site-Work.

Her interests lie in large scale and interactive installation and experimental stop motion animation. 

She finds joy in the places where the mundane intersects the uncanny, the strange, and the logic that monsters in old fairy tales live by. Her installation works are motivated by the spaces that evoke a sense of wonder and possibility of other imagined worlds. She finds that light has the quality to create the spaces that lie along the line between the real and physical, and the improbable. Her animations are explorations of materials, technologies, ideas, and interactions. They are reflections of her own life, and motivated by “this might be strange, but what if we try…”.